Welcome to the next step in becoming a personal trainer at Charter and Cardinal Fitness. After watching both presentations, you will be asked to submit your name and contact information, confirming you have completed the Informational Session. A member of the PT Department will contact you to schedule your practical.

Please print and/or review the following documents to use as reference guides with the presentations.
Assessment Reference Guide
Program Phases
Annual Program Design
Workout Logs

Review (and print if you like), these exercise lists. These will help distinguish the different between Stabilization, Strength, and Power, and the different components of the workout logs.
Flexibility Static SMR Dynamic
CORE Stabilization
CORE Strength
CORE Power
Resistance Stabilization
Resistance Strength
Resistance Power

Click on each link to watch the Fitness Assessment and Programming videos. These will prepare you for the practical.

  1. Fitness Assessment
  2. Programming

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