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We have many satisfied members who have reached their goals with the help of our experienced personal training staff.

Sarah Says:
My husband and I have been members of Charter Fitness since September 2012. It wasn’t until January of this year that I decided to give personal training another try. My husband and I had tried personal training at a different gym in the past, but were not happy with the trainers that we had. As you can imagine, I was skeptical to try it again due to our past experience.

However, from the moment I met Kyle, I knew he was a person that could help me achieve new goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I started training with Kyle on January 27, 2013. During the last 3 ½ months, I have been challenged and pushed by Kyle, and he has taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals.

I have been very impressed by his passion to help clients, his knowledge, and his ability to connect with his clients. It’s because of him that I have signed up for another 48 sessions, and it’s because of him that my husband has also signed up for personal training sessions.

Kyle is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of. He deserves the best compliments from me and my husband. We plan to be long-term clients, and more importantly, continue to work with Kyle.*

Deb B Says:
My name is Debbie.  I’ve been a member of Charter Fitness in Tinley Park since January 2011 when I decided to finally change my life and get into shape with a weight loss and exercise program.

Having never really been a member of a fitness center, I admit I found all the cardio and free weights a bit intimidating and confusing.  Fortunately for me, the staff and other members were very helpful and patient. Everyone really seemed to go out of their way to make me feel welcome.

After a few months I took some members’ advice and got a personal trainer.  What a difference it made in helping me get the most out of my workouts.  I have been fortunate enough to work with four different trainers, and each has been amazing in their own way. My current trainer is Jason B., but all of them have really helped me put in the time and energy to get in shape. They listen to me and both encourage me and challenge me to give it my all.  They have helped me develop my mind set in a positive way and I have changed from a person who thinks I can to I know I can!

Since I started I have lost over 70 pounds and 51.75 inches overall. I’m down eight clothing sizes and the weight and size I am now I haven’t seen since 1981. A perk I might add is my husband says I am sexier then ever. Thank you Charter Fitness and look out world because here I come!*

Ted W. Says:
“#@$%! those zombies!”
That’s what I’d be saying if there was a zombie apocalypse. At least now that Charter Fitness has taken the soft mound of weakness that I was, and hardened it into something fierce and proud. The reality check came when I was chasing my kids around and getting winded. How would I fare running from the hordes of zombies hungry for blood as they come charging through my neighborhood, if I can’t even keep pace with my 7-year-old? It was embarrassing.

So Graham, at Charter Fitness, started training me. Conditioning me slowly at first with the cruelest of tricks, like lunges and jump rope. I combined these regular training session with cardio and diet (Weight Watchers plus an endless supply of fruits, vegetables, patience and support from my already fit, zombie-indifferent wife). Soon the pounds and my irrational fear of having my brain eaten were melting away.

Then Dana, another awesome Charter Fitness trainer, got into the action. She increased the intensity of my weight lifting and started carving me up like a turkey on the last Thursday in November. Suddenly my arms were all swollen and veiny. Which sounds kind of gross and might be appetizing to zombies, but looks super badass. Long story short, in just over a year with Charter Fitness, I’ve dropped over 60 pounds. Probably more, since I know I’ve packed on a considerable amount of zombie-killing muscle. And I’ve never felt better in my life. My wife thinks she’s cheating on me with some skinny dude. ‘Sup. I can throw my kids around no problem. I mean…I don’t, but I can. And when strange women talk to me, I’m pretty sure they aren’t doing it out of pity.

Now I’m addicted, setting new goals for strength, speed and overall fitness. Yesterday, I did 300 push-ups on a giant pile of burning cars while wolves howled tribute to me in the distance. Those last two bits only happened in my head, but the push-up thing is totally real. Because at the end of the day (or anytime really), it’s not just about my wife or my kids or strange women or the wolves. It’s also about the zombies. Thanks Charter Fitness. Let’s do this!*

Elise S Says:
I am currently a member at the Rockford, IL club. When I first came to the club, I was looking for a personal trainer. What I found was a very helpful and friendly group of gym employees. My sister even commented on how friendly the staff was on the phone when she called to inquire about membership. The gym itself may not be big, but the staff makes it feel much better than a big gym. As a former member of a large gym, I was highly disappointed in the lack of personal interaction between the staff and members there.

Working with Robin, my personal trainer, has not only increased my physical strength, but my self confidence. Robin cares very much about her clients and encouraged them in every way that she can. She loves to celebrate the victories her clients achieve, whether in weight loss or in life. I greatly appreciate all that Robin has done for me and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future.*

Cassie D Says:
I used to hate the gym. When you are overweight and self conscious, its not exactly your favorite place to be. With Charter being a facility that has all of the proper equipment needed to get yourself in shape, I felt more comfortable to go in and bust my butt.

While attempting to do just that I was approached by, in my personal opinion, Charter’s best trainer, Michael from Olympia Fields. I started training with Mike about 8 months ago, and even though it was my own determination to shed the weight, it was Mike’s programs and workouts that got me to where I am today. A no-nonsense attitude, mixed with weight training and intense cardio routines will whip anyone who is willing to take it on into shape in no time. Now I’m almost 70 pounds lighter! A great facility, mixed with your own determination and a trainer who genuinely wants to help people get fit is the perfect recipe for success.*

Gretchen K Says:
After joining Charter Fitness in October, 2010, I realized my cardio-only workouts weren’t getting the job done. When the signs, banners and special offers for personal training started showing up earlier this year, I knew that was exactly what I needed to achieve my goals. I already felt that going to the gym was a pleasant escape for me. Adding a personal trainer assured me that I’d be working out cost effectively. To me, the cost of training is worth the investment to my health.

I began training in February 2011. Since then, I have lost over 60 pounds, 4 clothing sizes and countless inches. I owe all of that to the dedication and persistence of my trainer. The results I’ve gotten from my trainer haven’t been all physical either. Mentally, I’ve never been in better shape. My self-confidence has grown while my waist has shrunk.*

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*Results may vary across individuals

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