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1. Which exercise do you see performed incorrectly, most often?
Squats! A lot of people tend to lean forward, extend their knees over their toes, or come off of their heels. It drives me nuts! It is very important to shoot your butt back and keep your chest up, especially for lower back reasons. 

2. Describe the hardest workout you’ve ever done.
The hardest workout I have ever done was a workout called “Murph”. It is a hero WOD and the hardest I have ever done by far. The workout starts with a 1 mile run, then goes into 100 pullups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and finishes with a mile run. I scaled the pull-ups of course, I could never do 100. 

3.When you’re not in the gym, where can we find you?
When I am not in the gym you can find me studying for my nursing major.

Now a little game we like to call This or That:
Cubs or Sox –  Sox
Britney or Christina – That’s a hard one… I’m going to say Christina
Steak or lobster – Steak
Sun or snow – Sun
Kettlebells or TRX – Kettlebells
Skittles or M&M’S – Skittles

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