Charter Fitness of Olympia Fields
B.S. Kinesiology from ISU
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I like…
the challenge of pushing my clients and myself to the limit. I always say your goal is to make your today’s self better than your yesterday’s self. I’m 99% sure my today’s self would wipe the floor with my yesterday’s self.

I eat…
only what helps me achieve my goals. I don’t eat for pleasure. Every meal I consume is to help improve my results. Every meal has a purpose. 

I do…
weight training and high intensity interval training, mostly.  I try to keep my cardio to a maximum of 20 minutes to avoid burning muscle. In a given week I can workout anywhere from 5-12 times that week.

I am…
a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer.

I will…
never stop. I never played a sport. I never had a coach whispering in my ear to keep going. I never had a desired weight or look. I just keep going to keep going. It’s like driving down a road with no destination.

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