Charter Fitness of Mokena
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Overall Figure Winner, ABA Natural IL Championship
Overall Figure Winner,
MPC IL Grand Prix Champoinship

As a figure competitor, your diet is very strict. What is your favorite indulgence after a competition?
After a show I usually go for a pizza or Mexican food. This past show, however, I had a bit of a sweet tooth and couldn’t pass up a caramel pecan cinnabon!

If you could train any celebrity, who would you train?
If I could train any celebrity, it would be Jillian Michaels. It would be challenging, but her workout videos don’t have anything on my workouts!

When you’re not at the gym, where can we find you?
Although I practically live at the gym, when I am not there you can usually find me at the movies or out with friends in the fall/winter. In the summer I go to the beach or my lake house whenever I get some time off.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Ronnie Coleman get into a fight.
Who wins?

I pick Arnold! I mean come on, he is the terminator.

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