Your mockup

It was based on the branding guidelines you shared, including fonts, colors, and content design.

Next Steps

Once we’ve settled on a design, the experiments can begin.



These samples draw from the provided branding materials. All of this is easily editable by you, the end-user.



There is
more to this battle than a pretty website.

Road Map To Success


Why web projects fail.

asked for this.

The vendor
proposes this.

But you end up with



Now legal in Belarus!

Bad websites are an epidemic in the fitness industry.

Most fitness club websites suffer the same major deficiencies that are costing them leads:

  1. High bounce rate: When your website takes a long time to load, we see a precipitous drop off in leads, called the bounce rate. Hundreds or thousands of potential leads become impatient and leave before the website ever loads. A slow website reflects poorly on a business.
  2. Low conversion rate: Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete a desired action such as requesting a free pass or signing up to become a member. The above mentioned bounce rate is a major factor.
  3. Unappealing design: A poorly functioning website that is not intuitive can lead to a huge drop in leads. Your website needs to be sleek, streamlined, and easy to use so that you can move your leads toward the conversion action.
  4. Poor planning: Your developer must provide a feasible success path with measurable goals and outcomes. You need to know that if you invest $1000 in a digital campaign, that you generated at least $1000 in revenue. Without this type of evidence, how can success be determined?

Websites must load in
2.00 seconds or less

Anything longer and you are losing tons of leads!

Case Study Gold’s Gym

Load time (4/24/2020):



Let’s have a look at those receipts…

Source: Google Page Speed Insights.

Google gives a score of 5 out of 100 for page speed, meaning that their website is very slow. In fact is among the slowest websites in the entire world. This is impacting their bounce rate, their conversion rate, and ultimately their revenue.


You will succeed where others have failed.

Because you know the one CRUCIAL ingredient that has been missing all along…



The one thing nobody ever tried.

How a web project usually goes down:

  1. You tell the web developer what you want.
  2. They design the website to your specifications.
  3. Everyone agrees that it looks great!
  4. Plans are made to launch the new website.

Everything went according to plan, right?


Mistakes were already made.

The correct design is actually the one that generates the most new business for your club. And this can only be assessed by applying the scientific method.

The correct approach 

Redesigning your website with split sample A/B experiments.

Hypothesis > Experiment > Conclusion

Instead of committing to a specific message, service promotion, discount, etc., we need to perform testing. For each landing page, we can serve different versions to different experimental segments of your audience. After gathering enough data, Google will tell us which version of your landing page causes the greatest increase in lead conversion rate.

By deploying content experiments, we can play with different offers, price points, verbiage, and services simultaneously. Without needing to do any marketing guesswork, we can distill your web design down until it becomes a lead generating machine.

Experimental scenario:

Version A features a large image and a tantalizing offer. Version B is less visual, less whiz-bang, more simplistic.

Everybody in your organization LOVES version A and fully expects it to win.

But then shockingly it loses…

But you HATE Version B. It’s boring, drab, nowhere near as exciting as Version A. 

Too bad, so sad.

Because no matter how we personally feel, Version B is actually the superior design. It is beautiful in its own way because of that critical number:


More conversions = more members = fortune and glory for your club

I hope you got all that.

Because now you’re going to see some design concepts for your club.

But remember that these are just some of the potential design combinations we will work with in order to scientifically determine the correct design for your club. Our deliverable on this project is to increase your sales and membership above all other factors.

The possibilities are endless.​


We keep testing and consistently improving your lead conversion rate.

And with every iteration

we check the
for a winner


makes failure impossible.

When changes are backed by evidence, you can make no mistakes.

With experiments you can do the unthinkable. You could even try the home page that every business owner fears.

You Could Show



And what if that worked?

What if the old wisdom that showing pricing up front is a bad idea turned out not to be true. What if showing the pricing to 10% of your visitors caused a spike in membership? Are we really going to trust common “wisdom” like this when the data can actually prove it?

With the scientific method, we can try anything without the fear of making a misstep.

In conclusion….

Rather than finalize concrete designs, we need to continually brainstorm, experiment, analyze, and evolve.

If you follow this advice, you will end up with a high performance, lead generating machine that is the envy of every club owner.

But if you still don’t want to do this scientifically…

I’ll bring the Bepis!

Preferred over Conk!

So whenever you’re ready…

Let’s get into the lab!

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